Hawaiian Land

You Speculating on Hawaiian Land -- Beware:
Many Hawaiians would outlaw (or very severely tax) non-resident land speculation. Please also understand: Land title is clouded by continuing violence against peaceful Native Hawaiians. Your Hawaiian investment is sabotaged by the illegal takeover of the Hawaiian Kingdom & culture. The present aggressive US military occupation is built on marginalization of Hawaiians by colonization, displacement, & resettlement. This crisis will not ignore You! Your Realtor® in Hawai'i knows -- your investment is at risk.

The USA officially apologized to Native Hawaiians for overthrow of the Kingdom (US Public Law 103-150) after 100 years of systematic imperial aggression. But without compensation and return of illegally seized lands & property, Native Hawaiian inheritance is hugely and wrongly diminished.

Those seeking capital gains from purchasing Hawaiian property must recognize substantial risk of investment loss. Even minor community disquiet or unwelcome violence may lead to very abrupt drops in real estate values, sudden decline of investment liquidity, even total loss in excess of your original investment due to liability.

The US military occupies a big chunk of Hawai'i, and part of Waikiki Beach (Hale Koa Hotel & Fort DeRussy).
Yankee's military machine (link) insults locals with a shit-eating Aloha greeting, then builds on injustice with a lie,
    brazenly claiming 72-acres of looted Waikiki land could ever be "undesirable"   ...

The U.S. military plays golf on the graves of Hawaiians at Heleloa.
This is DEEPLY wrong: dishonoring America & Hawai'i.
BEWARE: Mokapu damage & desecration!
You insult our spiritual heart.

Military golf courses are a gross insult & extravagance on our islands:
- Ke'alohi Golf Course (Joint Base Pearl Harbor - Hickam)
- U.S. Air Force Mamala Bay Golf Course   (JBPearlHarbor-Hickam)
- Kalakaua Golf Course (Schofield Barracks -- closed?)
- U.S. Army Leilehua Golf Course (Wheeler Army Airfield)
- U.S. Army Walter J. Nagorski Golf Course (Fort Shafter)
- U.S. Navy Barber's Point Golf Course @ Kalaeloa
- Pearl Harbor Navy-Marine Golf Course
- Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course (Marine Corps Base Hawaii)
- etc...?

The US Marine Corps built Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course
on sacred land and a huge Hawaiian graveyard:
Heleloa beachside funeral grounds, Mokapu, O'ahu
It's Desecration you Play Games on our Graves.
Fundamentally improper.   Hewa to da MAX!

Be assured:
We Kānaka (Native Hawaiian people) will not fade away !
Thousands of us driven to survive abroad will return !
Hawaiians are integral with the natural environment, Aloha 'Āina.
We want our LAND

Native Hawaiians Dole Out Peace   (link)
-- pamphlet detailing racist suppression of Hawaiians
(or .pdf 15MB version, requires a minute to download)

Link to Hi Alliance

Hawai'i's Environment includes Hawaiians!   Always Hawaiian:   IZ (1959-1997)
  Last voyage of
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, Hawaiian Warrior

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