Brutal Defilement Hawai'i:    U.S. Military Golf Vandalism



The United States of America built the
Marine Corps Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course on stolen Native Hawaiian lands.

But ridicule is even worse:  Yankee recognizes the 3000-acre Mokapu peninsula as historically special - "Mokapu" means "Sacred island" --- but they play golf on family graves. Hawaiian ancestral bones now share the cherished land with cigarette butts & litter from the Yankee occupation forces.


US Marine Corps Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course loudly proclaims our funerary grounds - their 13th hole - as "Home of the best hole in DoD" (Department of Defense; see scorecard below). They defile our historic Hawaiian sacred burial zone,

disrespecting a holy memorial of local families & community.


They ride buggies, chug beer, loudly cavort with lady-friends, Slice n' Putt on Heleloa beachside funeral grounds.


We'd not use their cemetery for golf or Frisbee.


Playing on family graves is uncool.


Rudest Disrespect from GI Joe !




U.S. Military statement: "The Mokapu Peninsula, one of the most aesthetic places on Oahu in terms of natural beauty, is steeped in Hawaiian tradition. Its very name, "Mokapu," means "Sacred Lands." Ancient Hawaiians buried thousands of their dead in the sand dunes located along Holes 13, 14, and 15. These sand dunes are sacred to Hawaiians and are listed in the national Historic Register of Historic Places. In 1949, as part of the Naval Air Station, the first nine holes were constructed. In 1951, as part of the Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe Bay, construction began on a second nine holes and was completed in 1952."


It's WRONG Yankee plays golf on our ancestral graves.    

Hawaiian kupuna's resting place is grossly disrespected.

America's military boasts of sacrilege:        


Get off Mokapu -- Yankee pua'a !